Carlyle Racing C7 15″ Conversion Kit

Carlyle Racing C7 15″ Conversion Kit

Regular price $2,799.99 now $2,549.99

Complete kit to convert your C7 Corvette to be able to run 15" wheels!

  • Keeps factory parking brake
  • Replaces base brakes with 4 piston calipers
  • Uses OEM style rotor
  • Can still use factory wheels

Includes all of the following

  • 2 solid rotors (options available for upgraded rotors)
  • 2 4 piston calipers with pads
  • 2 Adjustable lower control arms

All of our 15" conversion kits now include CarlyleRacing calipers by Wilwood!

Car will require an alignment after upgrade is completed

Either add on the adjustable toe arms or you may need to shim the upper control arm to achieve 0 camber!