DynoTune Nitrous Progressive Controller

DynoTune Nitrous Progressive Controller

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Finally, an entry level progressive nitrous controller that's affordable and simple to install!

Use this controller to help stop wheel spin due to the nitrous kicking in to quick. Slow soft nitrous engagement= quicker ET's and controlled launches.

Features: Simple 3 position switch to select power ramp time 2 second, 4 seconds and 6 seconds. example, picking the 4 second position, the power will ramp from 0-100% power over 4 seconds.

Another cool feature for manual tranny cars and bikes, the controller will remember where it was during the ramp time as you shift, then resume where it left off.

Built in high speed/high power relay to control the solenoid(s) directly.

This controller will work with any brand solenoids up to 2 large solenoids.

Dry kits, wet kits, bike kits, this is the hot ticket to faster ET's....

Billet package, microprocessor controlled, state of the art circuit equals consistent performance and long life.